Ameba: Rubocop for Crystal Language

Ameba seems like quite mature linter for Crystal language. As I start my first real world code in Crystal language, the real tools are very useful. (Side note: I didn’t write any non-real-world crystal code. I’m not sure it helps. REPL sessions are not code. they don’t count) It automatically uses built-in formatter in the --fix mode. There is also awesome emacs integration as well. Check ameba.el

Crystal Language: C Like Performance, Ruby Like Syntax

I’ve been intrigued by Crystal Programming language for some time. I’ve been programming in Ruby for almost an year now (Mostly Rails, which I can’t say I like - too much magic) TBH, speed of interpreted language has not been an issue (I worked in python for quite some time before Ruby) but Crystal also comes with statically inferred types. Since it is a compiled language - bunch of errors maybe caught at compile time, rather than at run-time.

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