Type accent marks in Wezterm on macOS

The tips from my previous post didn’t quite work while writing the blog post using helix editor. But as much as I can guess, it is a feature of the terminal and not the editor itself. So no point searching “Accent marks in Helix” 😄 Turns out initially1 wezterm didn’t support accent mark without special configuration. ('use_ime = true'), but since then it is enabled by default. Yet, it didn’t work for me.

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How to type accent marks in macOS

In my previous post I needed to type letter é but didn’t know how. (So I just copied it from the browser page that search result returned, explaining how to type accent marks on macOS 🧠) But later, I searched and got it working. We use what is called as Dead Key method. In Keyboard viewer, pressing the ALT (or Option) key, shows the dead keys. So to type é, I press ALT+e, this produces the accent, then (after releasing ALT) I press e.

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Improve Markdown output: Use HTML snippets in Markdown

While I was searching for useful snippets for Markdown (I was specifically looking for snippet to insert current time.) I came across this article. To be honest, it feels like cheating. Like writing HTML manually. (With snippets, work could reduce) ⓘ Info: I don't see myself using it often. Did you see what I did there 😉