Sometimes it is said that notes are write-only i.e. No one reads them later πŸ€·β€β™‚

The same happened with me today.

I was looking for way to get only certain file from git stash

I asked ChatGPT with mixed results. (It provided correct answers, but more verbose. On asking, better explanation was provided, still..)

During such time, stackoverflow shines.

Even without going to SO site, the answer is included right on the search results.

I decided that since it was hard to find, it is worth adding it to PKM.

Turns out I already had it stored


That is why it is called write-only πŸ˜†

I came across fish like auto suggestions plugin for zsh. When I started to update that, I noticed that my oh-my-zsh is two years old (now that we are near the end of 2022, it is more like close to three)

So I uninstalled and reinstalled oh-my-zsh

But the prompt won’t look nice.

That is when I realized that starship is not hooked to zsh

and that starship is also due for an update (6 months)

So upgraded starship and then hooked it up to zsh

Now I can try the autosuggestions plugin. ☺️

I just used externalUrl feature of this theme. It is kinda cool.

Such post is indicated with a right arrow like β†’

The title of the blogpost itself is an external link. So when clicked, it does not open the post, but the external URL.

In order to open the post, either click the infinity symbol next to it, or the date (if on the yearly list page)

Now I’m on Mastodon as πŸŽ‰

My request to join was approved.

I wanted to be able to post thoughts without title or any of the front matter for long time.

Now I can 🀞