D2 Layouts

D2 allows me to generate diagrams from the same source file using different layouts It comes with two built-in layout engines : Dagre is the default : Other one is ELK This needs to be specified explicitly as : D2_LAYOUT=elk d2 in.d2 out.svg and here is the output

D2 : A modern diagram scripting language

I came across D2 on Mastodon I think. (Like most things. But I can’t find the original toot πŸ€·β€β™‚) I used mermaid.js earlier. In fact, I also added mermaid support for this theme. Benefit of Mermaid is that since it is generated by mermaid.js, I don’t need to save and include the image in my blog (and worry about mismatched filename and/or path, resulting into broken image.) On the other hand, not many hugo themes support mermaid, but link to an image is supported by hugo and every other SSG.

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Yesterday, after I came out of a shop, some elderly woman was begging. Near that shop, it is not uncommon. She did not look like a beggar. Yet she was. At first, I gave her Rs. 50 - which maybe more than what people usually give beggars (I think). I was surprised that she said I don’t want money, I want rice and daal (lentils) instead. I was positively surprised. Not many beggars ask for things.

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Insert timestamp anywhere using Espanso

I wrote about Espanso long time ago. I have been using Espanso since then. Recently, I had a need to add timestamp in a note. Espanso already comes with a trigger to insert date via :date. As the name suggest, it just inserts the date. So I added the following to the match/base.yml file. - trigger: ":timestamp" replace: "{{timestamp}}" vars: - name: timestamp type: date params: format: "%b %d, %Y %I:%M%p" As might be obvious, now I get timestamp just by typing :timestamp anywhere.

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I just used externalUrl feature of this theme. It is kinda cool.

Such post is indicated with a right arrow like β†’

The title of the blogpost itself is an external link. So when clicked, it does not open the post, but the external URL.

In order to open the post, either click the infinity symbol next to it, or the date (if on the yearly list page)

β†’ Stashpad ∞

I came across stashpad during this Stackoverflow podcast.

What caught my attention was when Cara mentioned

Everyone has untitled.txt open that they use every day

That is me!! πŸ˜†

It is really easy. Cmd + N to create a new empty file, and start typing. I use BBEdit for this. I’ve seen my colleagues use Sublime text I have also used Sublime text for exactly that and only that purpose for a long time, since it saves these unnamed files across reboots/application restarts. One less headache. I don’t have to think of what to name the file, where to save it, format (this is easy, I’ll just save it as .txt or .md)

Later I came across BBEdit, which does exactly same, so I switched. My workflow did not change.

Stashpad promises to make the same workflow better.

I have just installed it, and haven’t used it yet.

Ironically, I started typing my thoughts about Stashpad as a Stashpad note, with intention that I’ll copy this into a blog post “later”. But decided that why not directly write it as a blog ? πŸ˜†

How to find people to follow on Mastodon

After creating an account on Mastodon, next question was how to find people to follow ? πŸ€” While mastodon has existed for a while, only recently it started getting attention. So lot of people you follow are not on Mastodon. Yet. I followed a couple of approaches. First, I searched for topics I am interested in. I started with Emacs and Ruby. Found a few accounts to follow. Then I literally searched find tweeple of mastodon.

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Now I’m on Mastodon as @mandarvaze@indieweb.social πŸŽ‰

My request to join indieweb.social was approved.

Understanding Mastodon

After Elon Musk’s takeover, there has been a lot of discussion about leaving twitter. TBH, I am not that active on twitter, and I am not sure if charging for blue tick affects me πŸ˜„ Yet, I have been burnt in past by having my data lost, because it was on someone else’s platform. I do not consider my tweets that valuable, yet it seems I should have a back up, just in case.

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I wanted to be able to post thoughts without title or any of the front matter for long time.

Now I can 🀞