Changing Emacs Look-N-Feel

I’ve been using nano emacs theme with minemacs I got bored today, and wanted to try something new. I’m trying circadian.el modus-operandi during the day doom-tokyo-night during the night Iosevka font (Have not settled on exact variation) Also trying org-modern but I use denote - so I’m not sure whether it matters

Language Before Framework

Several years ago, I came across a quote1 about how learning python via Django. The author said that if you don’t properly know python, you may not understand what is Django specific and what is not. FWIW, even after working with python, I never used Django in any of my main project. But I did learn python first before the frameworks. Fast forward to few days ago. I am working on Ruby code to read from Azure Service Bus.

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Ameba: Rubocop for Crystal Language

Ameba seems like quite mature linter for Crystal language. As I start my first real world code in Crystal language, the real tools are very useful. (Side note: I didn’t write any non-real-world crystal code. I’m not sure it helps. REPL sessions are not code. they don’t count) It automatically uses built-in formatter in the --fix mode. There is also awesome emacs integration as well. Check ameba.el

AMQP Versions

As I had mentioned earlier, at work I was “strongly encouraged” to use Azure Service Bus, instead of RabbitMQ (which was the technology I had suggested.) RabbitMQ has good Ruby support. I had chosen Sneakers (Which uses bunny under the hood) Since Azure Service Bus also supports AMQP, I was trying to see if we can use these libraries with Azure Service Bus. But connection itself wouldn’t work. I kept getting FrameTypeError

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ह्याच्या आधी मी एक micropost देवनागरीत लिहिली होती, नेहेमीप्रमाणे मी ती हेलिक्स मधे लिहीली पण त्यात थोड्या चुका झाल्या होत्या. हेलिक्स टर्मीनल एडिटर असल्यामुळे असेल कदाचित 🤔 नंतर मी ती मार्कडाउन फाइल bbedit मधे उघडून दुरुस्त केली. macOS मधे देवनागरी लिहिण्यासाठी मराठी keyboard च्या ऐवजी Devnagari - QWERTY वापरा. मराठी keyboard शिकण्यापेक्षा transliteration सोपे आहे.

Used Python After Long Time

Today I wrote (OK, copy/pasted sample code and modified) python after more than a year. (Is it a year or an year - confusing. I think either works) I had to start from installing python. Why did I use python ? At work, we are trying to connect to Azure Service Bus over AMQP. Ruby is not officially supported by MS anymore. Python is. But we wanted to try non-azure client.

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How to track subtasks in Org

Continuing from previous post .. Turns out there is a specific way to handle subtasks in org-mode. I used something like following - which did not work *TODOMain task [0/3] - [x] Subtask 1 - [ ] Subtask 2 - [ ] Subtask 3 As we can see, I expected to see [1/3] but I continue getting [0/3] Correct way to do this is : *TODOMain task [1/3] ** DONE Subtask 1 ** TODO Subtask 2 ** TODO Subtask 3 With the correct syntax, I don’t even need to C-c C-c to update / in the main task.

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Org for TODOs

Yesterday, I started using org-mode for tracking my TODO items. I had tried it a long time ago. Org is very powerful, and it can list the TODO items across multiple files. But that gets (at least in past) overwhelming. So I started simple. I started with setting org-agenda-file to ~/org/work.todo That is the only file I’m tracking my work items. Then I use org-agenda to list all the open items.

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मला व.पु. काळे ह्यांच्या कथा आवडतात कारण त्यात कथा आणि उपदेश हयाचा चांगला balance असतो. नुसता उपदेश थोडा बरा वाटतो, पण नंतर bore होतं हयाच मुळे मला रिचर्ड बाखचं लेखन सुदधा आवडतं

I like Va. Pu. Kale’s stories because it has great balance of the story and philosophy. Just philosophy is OK for a while, but too much of it can get boring. I like Richard Bach’s writing for the same reason

My mastodon account is now verified with green tick 😄

I already had a link to my Mastodon account in the footer of this blog for quite some. But did not have rel=me which I added today.

I also did not have a link to this blog from mastodon account - which I added just now.

As a result, now I have green check mark 😄