I got myself a new mobile phone after almost 5 years.

My old one is still going strong.

But there are no OS updates. I’m stuck at Android 10

Some random facts about the new phone - in no specific order

Since the phone is 5 years newer, it is better - by default - in so many categories.

I’m planning to put custom ROM on the older phone and give it to my kids, for occasional game or for web search for their studies etc.

We have a bicycle which was unused for months.

I got it fixed (some oiling, check tyres, brakes etc.) for all of Rs. 90 😄

Today, I rode bicycle for the first time after decades.

Not for long. Maybe 15 minutes.

Since I was not used to it, my legs hurt 😄

But it felt great to ride a cycle after so many years.

Finally, my Macbook Pro is back!

As part of fixing, they put OS X Yosemite on it. 😭

Practically nothing worked. For some reason, Apple ID login also did not work. I checked on another machine, username/password was indeed correct.

There was no option to upgrade to macOS Monterey (last supported version on this hardware) from the App Store either.

App store listed macOS Sonoma, which I knew wasn’t supported, but tried it anyway. As expected, it said “Not supported” (Duh!)

Finally, resorted to Internet Discovery.

It offered to install macOS Monterey, as expected.

All is well.

(It took some time, downloading etc. But otherwise pretty uneventful)

My Macbook Pro won’t boot anymore :(

I was watching some Youtube videos in the evening, and then at night, it just became unresponsive.

Over the next few days, I tried various options.

Booted from external USB. Worked!

Tried Internet Recovery.

Turns out the SSD is recognised, but can’t be fixed/formatted/erased.

Looks like a hardware issue.

Due to death in my family, “100 days of Rust” is halted. I’ll continue it soon.

मला व.पु. काळे ह्यांच्या कथा आवडतात कारण त्यात कथा आणि उपदेश हयाचा चांगला balance असतो. नुसता उपदेश थोडा बरा वाटतो, पण नंतर bore होतं हयाच मुळे मला रिचर्ड बाखचं लेखन सुदधा आवडतं

I like Va. Pu. Kale’s stories because it has great balance of the story and philosophy. Just philosophy is OK for a while, but too much of it can get boring. I like Richard Bach’s writing for the same reason

My mastodon account is now verified with green tick 😄

I already had a link to my Mastodon account in the footer of this blog for quite some. But did not have rel=me which I added today.

I also did not have a link to this blog from mastodon account - which I added just now.

As a result, now I have green check mark 😄

Today I set my PKM project on the laptop, a little over a month after I upgraded the OS

I just had to clone the repo.

Since this was a new repo cloned, I had to set the user.email and user.name git configurations.

It is good that git reminds me of that, and also informs me to amend the commit with --reset-author param. How nice!

For the curious, I added this entry

I tried to brew install crystal

My first attempt seemed like hung, I had to Ctrl-C my way out. Second attempt took 45 minutes.

I have a 7 years old MBP, it is fully functioning machine. In fact this is being written on that machine.

45 minutes+ seems like a lot

I used D2 for work today.

So far it was just a curiosity.

But there was an opportunity to use D2 when I had to document an important data flow at work.

With D2 Playground, it is much easier for my colleagues to use same simple format to update the diagram in future when needed.