Insert timestamp anywhere using Espanso

I wrote about Espanso long time ago. I have been using Espanso since then. Recently, I had a need to add timestamp in a note. Espanso already comes with a trigger to insert date via :date. As the name suggest, it just inserts the date. So I added the following to the match/base.yml file. - trigger: ":timestamp" replace: "{{timestamp}}" vars: - name: timestamp type: date params: format: "%b %d, %Y %I:%M%p" As might be obvious, now I get timestamp just by typing :timestamp anywhere.

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Espanso With Helix Editor

I wrote about espanso in past here and here, and I’ve been using it ever since. Since helix is (for now) terminal-only editor, my espanso shortcuts work very well with it. e.g. I can type :smile: and get 😄, and type thru and get through (Automatic correct the usually misspelled words 🎉) Espanso works well with neovim-in-terminal (and Emacs), but I use Neovide GUI, where they don’t work.

Espanso 2.x (Alpha)

While reading the documentation on Espanso’s main site, I noticed a Search bar feature. To be sure, after some time, one is unlikely to remember all the shortcuts one has added, along with ones that came with packages. So search bar is a welcome feature. But shortcut mentioned on the site Alt+Space did not work. I was not surprised, because this key combination triggers Raycast on my machine. So I went looking for way to change the hotkey, and reached an issue which mentioned that search bar is a feature of 2.

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Espanso (Legacy)

Just as I was getting to know espanso, I came across a brand-new version of espanso that is way better that this (0.7.6) version, now called Legacy version. Read about the new version here

I have left the following as is, for posterity

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