Import data from Dockerized Postgres to Elasticsearch

After setting up Elasticsearch locally I need to seed it with some dummy data. I came across this article that explain all the steps in details, including populating the postgres with dummy data to begin with. But I could not use it as-is because I use dockerized postgres. I also ran into problem with https and elasticdump I wrote about the problems and solutions on my other blog. Read it here

Got VimR working with LunarVim

I had almost given up trying to use lvim config with GUI. But I persisted (and pestered folks on github issue 🙂) Finally, I got it working. I wrote about How to get VimR to use Lunarvim configuration so that others can also benefit from it.

Firefox Reader mode in your Terminal

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m trying to move to more text based workflows. On that journey, I came across readable which creates a clean version of a webpage, just like Firefox Reader mode would do. But without Firefox. Which means, you can read cleaner website from your terminal (if you want) Read Firefox Reader mode in your Terminal

Integrated terminal in Emacs

I spend most of my time in Emacs and Terminal. I make code changes in emacs and switch to terminal to run the tests. It would be nice to do that without switching between the two.

In the past, I had tried shell-mode and inferior shell (python) for this, but it didn’t work, till I found vterm

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