Django: Create new project in an existing folder

Default command for creating a new project is : django-admin startproject my_new_project Django will then create a folder called my_new_project (if it does not exist) But if folder my_new_project exists (even if empty) we get error like : CommandError: '/path/to/my_new_project' already exists The way around is to specify a folder name after the project name like django-admin startproject my_new_project existing_folder See the documentation for details.

Used Python After Long Time

Today I wrote (OK, copy/pasted sample code and modified) python after more than a year. (Is it a year or an year - confusing. I think either works) I had to start from installing python. Why did I use python ? At work, we are trying to connect to Azure Service Bus over AMQP. Ruby is not officially supported by MS anymore. Python is. But we wanted to try non-azure client.

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If I were to explain bundler to pythonista (like myself) I would say Bundler in Ruby land is like poetry in python land, except it does not create sandbox environment To explain it a little more. It tracks dependencies in a Gemfile (and Gemfile.lock) which then goes in your repo. Other engineers sharing your code would then run bundle install, and they get exact same Gems (including versions) on their machines.

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