→ Bullet train: Rails based framework

I came across this from (now defunct) rails app site. They seem to provide a lot of stuff in their open source version.

Seems like a good framework to get started on the side project or MVP

Other paid features are worth paying when your app starts making money.

I need to spend more time on digging deeper, and actually trying it out.

Rails Runner

Some days ago, I came across a requirement where I needed to run some rails code at the end of deployment. We use the Capistrano tool for the deployment, and it has great support for hooks like after 'deploy:published', 'some_task' Most of the examples show some system commands, since Capistrano is a deployment tool, and isn’t running rails. But I didn’t know that, being new to rails ecosystem. So at first, at just called a background job that needed to talk to third party system and get some data, once the rails server is up.

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