Rolf Potts and Richard Bach

This may seem like strange title for the post, compared to my other posts, and it is. In case you don’t know any of these gentlemen, both of them are writers. Rolf Potts is known for Vagabonding. Made (more) popular by Tim Ferriss. Richard Bach may be known for “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” to most people. But I’ve read a lot of his books. That does not look like they should be the topic of the same entry.

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Improve Markdown output: Use HTML snippets in Markdown

While I was searching for useful snippets for Markdown (I was specifically looking for snippet to insert current time.) I came across this article. To be honest, it feels like cheating. Like writing HTML manually. (With snippets, work could reduce) ⓘ Info: I don't see myself using it often. Did you see what I did there 😉