100 Days of Rust : Day 1

Today I finished the Number guessing game

During the early part of the code, my mind started thinking “How will comparing string input from the user, work with a number? 🤔” (💪 of having gone through such issues numerous times over the years)

Of course, it was explained later.

I was a bit disappointed that the code paniced upon entering non-number 😞 especially after the expect clause.

Turns out that is expected behaviour.

The code will still panic, but expect helps the (end) user with slightly better error message

I also made changes in the loop section, that led to an error, which I was able to resolve (more based on the intuition, rather than logic 😅)

Initially I used nvim ( I was mostly copying the code from the book, and/or making minor edits) but soon realized that helix editor is better suited for rust development.

So set it up.

Getting LSP working took tinkering with languages.toml , but got it working!