Type accent marks in Wezterm on macOS

The tips from my previous post didn’t quite work while writing the blog post using helix editor.

But as much as I can guess, it is a feature of the terminal and not the editor itself. So no point searching “Accent marks in Helix” 😄

Turns out initially1 wezterm didn’t support accent mark without special configuration. ('use_ime = true'), but since then it is enabled by default.

Yet, it didn’t work for me.

Turns out the bug2 is specific to left Opt/ALT key 😆

Solution to get it working with both left and right ALT key is to add the following to ~/.config/wezterm/wezterm.lua

	send_composed_key_when_left_alt_is_pressed = true,
	send_composed_key_when_right_alt_is_pressed = true,

Tested. Works! 🎉