macOS: How to render thin(ner) strokes in Alacritty

After going through omakub 1 and its source, I wanted to recreate it on macOS as much as possible.

The first thing was to use Alacritty.

I had tried it in the past, but moved to Wezterm.

The reason I stopped was because there was no support for panes or tabs (which is by design) But now that I’m anyway using Zellij for that, I decided to give Alacritty another chance.

But default rendering looks fat (or bold) which I didn’t like.

Turns out I’m not the only one. See this issue.

Problem is with the macOS (things are OK - apparently - on Linux) Need to set AppleFontSmoothing to 0 like :

defaults write org.alacritty AppleFontSmoothing -int 0

  1. Omakub is a (self) described as “An Omakase Developer Setup for Ubuntu 24.04 by DHH” ↩︎