Back to Doom : For work

I updated Minemacs few days ago, and it broke magit 😱 1

I had suspected that it is not problem with Minemacs

But I can’t have magit broken, so on my work machine I switched (back) to Doom FWIW, the issue is already fixed on Doom 2

This time I noticed doom now installs itself under ~/.config/emacs rather than ~/.emacs.d I also updated my init.el and config.el

Now that I’m back, all my muscle memory started kicking in. Also robe is much better for working in Ruby/Rails - goto definition works a lot of times 😄

I never got it to work with solargraph 😞

I have still kept minemacs on my personal machine (I’m editing this in minemacs) The upstream issue will get fixed eventually, and updating the package will resolve the issue.