Back to Emacs

If you are reading my posts, you would have realized that I had switched to nvim and went down the rabbit hole with different configurations etc. I think I got it to a stable state, and then I stopped tinkering.

But when I recently started coding again in Ruby, I realized that nvim is good as an editor, but at least I was not able to configure it as IDE. It has all the right tools (lsp, syntax highlighting, packages) yet something didn’t work 😞

That is when I came back to emacs, and realized that in emacs ecosystem, robe was better than solargraph Something about dynamic better than static analysis for Rails.

Then I started noticing more issues with nvim. e.g. Simple syntax highlighting did not work for markdown files.

I still use nvim for quick editing (I’ve been using n(vi)m for 25 years 😄, so I’m not about leave it. Even in Emacs, I use evil mode)

I realized that instead of Telekasten I should be using org - native to emacs, and more versatile. But markdown is universal 😄