Back to Lunar Nvim

After my problems with Doom NVim, I decided to go back to LunarNVim.

I had never really left, but since both Doom and Lunar are NVim based configurations, they may overwrite the configurations (like from ~/.local/share/nvim/)

So I completely removed both Doom and Lunar and reinstalled.

I also installed ltex LSP for makrdown, which I could not do with Doom Nvim.

My other requirement was projectile equivalent. I found that there is :Telescope projects built-in with Lunar.

I’m now spending more time learning minor differences in keybindings e.g. Window related tasks are done via Ctrl+w rather than Space+w that I was used to.

Space+w saves the file (I think w for write rather than window)

While writing this entry, I was surprised to find that I get auto-completion for file paths. Isn’t that nice 😄