Better Tabs Kitty

Some time ago, I started using kitty terminal emulator. I used Alacritty for a long time. But Alacritty is meant to be minimalistic in a sense it does not even have concept of having different tabs.

The suggestion/solution is to use tmux (or like) to manage different shell instances.

And I did that.

And learnt a great deal about tmux in the process.

I don’t regret it one bit.

But sometimes, tmux gets in a way of how terminal based programs look (and behave) when executed inside tmux.

Sometime, there is a way around by tweaking tmux.conf

But I wanted to use real terminal with tabs.

So I tried kitty.

Everything was great, but default tab style was blurry, that I could hardly see two different tabs.

Turns out one can change the tab_bar_style - Default one is fade (No wonder I would not see text properly)

Currently I have it set to the following:

tab_bar_style powerline
tab_powerline_style round

tab_powerline_style has few other options. You can read about them here