Bullshit Jobs

Bullshit Jobs are meaningless jobs. Jobs which if taken away, won’t matter to anyone (Maybe except to the person who is/was in that position)

While responding to a listener question, DHH mentioned 1 that it is actually a book, based on a study of such jobs.

He mentioned that BigTech TM hires talent so that their competition can not hire the same person, even if the hiring company does not really need the highly talented individual. (Or have enough/great work to fulfill such a person)

Sometimes I feel like that in my current role. 🤔 (The Pay is Good TM though 😉) It is not like I’m twiddling thumbs or bored to death. But unlike some of my previous roles, I wonder if it would matter if I were not there. Would they need to replace me by another individual, or would it be better not to have anyone in my current role.