Emacs Mode in Shell

I have been using Emacs for several years now. But I switched to (and stayed with) Emacs only because of evil mode.

I had been vi user for decades before that. Even today, I use (Neo)vi(m) occasionally.

Right now, I’m writing this in Helix editor, which is lot closer to modal editing of vi, than of Emacs.

So there.

I am aware that various shell support vi mode, but the default is Emacs.

But I never invested time to either turn on vi-mode or learn Emacs keybindings

Till last week.

One of my colleagues told me about Ctrl-A to move to the beginning of the line and Ctrl-E for the end of the line.

This has been so helpful.

Now I am motivated learn more Emacs keybindings.

I might also try to turn of vi mode for zsh.