Now I have Email Address on my own domain

I have owned this domain for a couple of years now (maybe more) But it never occurred to me to have my email address on that domain. I suppose I always assumed that it would involve setting up own servers and/or cost of server etc.

Usually domain registrars provide some free emails, but their interface is just usable. Also, it might become one-more-email I’ll forget to check 😆

But for my recent secret 🕵 project, I needed a professional email. Not personal email.

Turns out zoho has a free forever plan that works well for my scenario.

The plan covers 5 free users, so it worked for me.

Zoho has great documentation. They walked me through setting up all the TXT, MX, SPF and DKIM records.

It was really easy.

So now I have @this-domain email.

I already have and use zoho mail. So I do not need to check one-more email either 😄