Emoji Completion for Neovim

I’ve started watching this YouTube playlist Neovim from scratch

It is a great learning resource.

I use a program called espanso for hotkey expansion across the OS, that has emoji completion option. But it does not work with Vim. Maybe because of modal editing 🤷

While it took me some time to figure out, setting it up is quite straight forward.

  1. Install the plugin. Add the following ‘~/.config/nvim/lua/user/plugins.lua’ file use "hrsh7th/cmp-emoji" -- Markdown emoji (Search for -- cmp plugins in the file)

  2. Add it as a source for nvim-cmp Add the following ‘~/.config/nvim/lua/user/cmp.lua’ file { name = "emoji" }, (Search for sources = in the file)

Restart nvim to be sure (But not required.)

Now as soon as you type : you get suggestion like this:

emoji completion in nvim

Isn’t it 🆒 😄