Fuzzy Search in fish with fzf

I had installed fzf some time ago. But default key ** for invoking fzf did not work with fzf.

Upon searching, I came across couple of options. Of those, I chose the one with active development.

As of this writing, the last commit was 11 days ago. Very active, I would say. 😄

Installation instruction said fisher install PatrickF1/fzf.fish but when tried, I got an error:

fisher: unknown flag or command "install"


I tried fisher add which seemed like closest option to install.

That didn’t work either. 😞

I got

fisher: cannot add github.com/PatrickF1/fzf.fish -- is this a valid package?

Turns out someone else also had same error. The suggestion was to upgrade fisher itself.

fisher upgrade also had a minor hiccup. I had to manually remove the old files installed by fisher.

Now that fzf was ready, I’m exploring all the cool things it can do.

For starters, interactive history via Ctrl + R is amazing. It is better than default Ctrl + R in bash (Reverse history search) or even what fish provides out of the box. (Auto complete commands based on history)