Grammar Check with Helix Editor

One of the thing that I thought was missing from Helix editor was integration with a decent grammar checker tool. On Emacs and neovim, I use ltex-ls.

To my surprise, it works well (I’m using it already) with Helix.

It is probably not well documented though. I had to look through the github issues, but I did come across the solution.

It is straightforward though.

  1. Download the latest release of ltex-ls from here. I preferred the one which comes with jre. Size increases, but it is self-contained. One can choose smaller download if jre is already installed in your setup.
  2. Extract it somewhere (e.g., ~/ltex-ls) then create a symbolic link to bin/ltex-ls from somewhere on your path (e.g., /usr/local/bin/``): sudo ln -s ~/ltex-ls/bin/ltex-ls /usr/local/bin/ltex-ls`
  3. Add the following to languages.toml file:
name = "markdown"
language-server = { command = "ltex-ls" }
file-types = ["md"]
scope = "source.markdown"
roots = []  
  1. Restart Helix.
  2. Enjoy 🎉