guifont in Spacevim

In my tour of Neovim starter kits, I landed on SpaceVim

I started my Emacs journey with Spacemacs, and used it for couple of years before settling on Doom Emacs.

Spacemacs inspired SpaceVim.

I had liked the mnenomic keybindings in Spacemacs (and now in SpaceVim)

But Spacevim is different from how other starter kits handle configuration.

Last week, I tried DoomVim (inspired by Doom Emacs) and NVChad (and “Neovim from scratch” by same folks as LunarVim) They all had similar configuration, based on lua

But SpaceVim has its own style.

For starters, it uses init.toml for the configuration.

Also, it uses bundle instead of packer (which I had grown used to)

Nonetheless, using SpaceVim was pleasant experience.

But I was unable to set guifont and thus saw empty square at one place, and font was too big for me.

If I didn’t use Neovide i.e. use nvim in terminal, I could see the icons in place of empty square, but I want to use GUI.

Turns out there is a bug (somewhere)

(At least) Neovide returns 0 for has('gui_running') so guifont value is never set internally.

See this

Then I unconditionally set guifont in my local SpaceVim.vim

For now, it works.

Let us see how long I stick with SpaceVim.

I got LSP working for Ruby, more tweaks like ltex are pending. (and SymbolOutline, and IndentBlankLine and …..)