Helix Editor

I came across Helix Editor on youtube when watching about neovim related video.

It is vim like editor. That is, a modal editor.

But it is different in one fundamental way, it terms of how commands work.

In (Neo)vim, it is action followed by object. So delete word becomes dw But in Helix it is other way round. Object followed by Action. So it is word delete hence wd

It takes a bit getting used to.

But in other areas, it is far better that (neo)vim. Lot of things work out of the box.

When I opened a ruby file, and gd (Go to Definition) worked in the first attempt. Mind blown!

This has never worked in the first try. Definitely not out of the box.

One other thing I liked was context-sensitive menu popups and help texts.

This makes this approachable.

Most of the keybindings are already intuitive.

One downside, there are no plugins. But it is in the roadmap.

Since LSP works out of the box, I think I may use it as my editor for coding.

I’ll continue using neovim for writing the posts (Although, I wrote this one in helix)