Helix New Release (and how to go to the last line in a file)

Noticed that new version 22.08.1 of helix is now available. See this Upgrade via your preferred package manager.

After the upgrade, used hx after a long time.

I also signed up for the matrix channel. Turns out that is where all the action is.

I’m member of (almost-dead-but-not-quite) Telegram group for a while. But matrix channel seems active.

I got immediate reply to my query. Nice!

My query was : How do I go to the last line of the buffer ? In vi/m, I could use :$ which does not work in Helix

TL;DR: ge

Long answer : There is a separate goto-mode in helix, and then there are different sub-commands(?) in that mode. goto_last_line is mapped to e, hence ge (i.e. First switch to goto-mode and then goto_last_line)