Left Sage

Today was my last day at Sage (I joined Lockstep, which was acquired by Sage) I spent a little over two years working with the wonderful engineering team there. I learnt a lot from everyone on the team, and made some new friends (I knew one person before I joined) during my stay.

Most of the team was junior to me (in terms of number of years of experience.) But as I worked with them, I noticed that every single one of them were exceptional engineers. Without exception.1

When I joined, I did not know Ruby/Rails.

I’m sad to say that even after 2 years, I can’t say I “befriended” RoR (like I did python) 😄

I also got opportunity to work on C# - but not enough time to feel comfortable.2




Although it is not a revelation (to me) - I am not happy in MNC. There just seems to be a lot of overhead, red tape and lot of wastage of energy. When I joined Lockstep, it was a small organization which was growing. I think people were happy (I hope some still are)

I thrive in smaller teams with autonomy and shared goal.

I understand that no organization plans to be all these “less than optimal” things (I’m really struggling to find positive words 😄) but as the organization grows, there is bound be some inefficiencies. Teams must be broken into smaller units, adding levels of management and additional communications. Some of these could be addressed by willing managers within their “sphere of influence”3 but most things aren’t within their control.

  1. Even few people who were “let go” due to performance reasons were real smart people with good engineering skills. I think if it was not fully remote setup, some of them could have done better. Sometimes juniors need a little hand-holding (not spoon feeding) and they can shine. Alas! That did not happen. ↩︎

  2. After so many years, I feel confident that I can get a “working” code in most of the languages, even the ones I don’t know before starting the work, within couple of weeks. But I would rather learn the new language till I feel comfortable, and not be bogged down by the deadlines to deliver working code. ↩︎

  3. One manager from other squad replaced the daily stand up with written updates. He shows up for the daily stand up, and anyone who is “stuck” can join and discuss/seek help. 👏 ↩︎