I came across logseq long ago, of all the places on Dendron’s discord channel. It has other-projects channel just for this purpose.

Logseq was still early back then (compared to Dendron at least).

I tried, but did not like it. Plus Dendron was much better.

Today, I came across Logseq again, when I was perusing my colleague’s twitter feed and noticed that he is using it. So I checked it again. They now have a Desktop app, plugins and decent community.

So I installed the Desktop app.

What I did not like back then was the dark green color theme. It has not changed. But there are theme support (created by the community) So I might try one that I find better.

They also have light theme, which is white. Better than dark green. For now, that is what I am using.

I plan to use it for their journal feature. If I like that, I might continue it that way.

I do not plan to use it for knowledge management. At least not now anyway.

Interestingly, I came across a YouTube video where the person said:

I’m going to use Logseq for Technical notes, and keep other personal stuff in obsidian

Another (potential) benefit of Logseq is that is supports Org-mode, and there is a plugin for logseq from within Emacs. (It is too early for me understand that what means 😄)

If you have not yet visited my PKM powered by Dendron, please do.