Lunar Nvim

I came across some starter kits for nvim. Earlier I tried adding individual plugins and learning all the nvim basics, but since I’m pretty happy with Doom Emacs 1

But Lunar nvim seems stable and provides a lot of functionality out of the box. πŸ‘

prerequisite page asks to ensure that I have cargo. I knew it a package manager(?) for rust, but didn’t know whether I could install it standalone. Turns out I can’t. brew also suggested that I install rust πŸ˜„ which I did.

The installation script asked me whether I wanted to install npm, python and rust dependencies (as if it was optional). I didn’t know what all I might miss if I chose not to install those. My aim was to get a decent nvim setup without having to tinker with manual installations. So I accepted those options.

After that, installation went well.

It created a wrapper script ~/.local/bin/lvim which sets up environment variables, and calls nvim

Best thing is that it also uses space as a leader key. So it worked well for my Doom Emacs muscle memory πŸŽ‰

It seems to have cool built-in features and sane defaults.

I have since brew uninstall vim

I also wanted and created an alias for view command to lvim -R (which is like nvim -R but with lvim configuration loaded, I think.)

But view command comes with the OS

/usr/bin/view is a link to /usr/bin/vim - which I could not remove, even with sudo. I got Operation not permitted each time πŸ€·β€

For now, I have settled with an alias lview, which I am my fingers are likely to forget, but I will train them πŸ˜„

  1. Who knows ? That might change if Lunar Nvim works really well πŸ˜† ↩︎