→ macOS : Whichspace

I have been using macOS for almost 9 years, and never used the workspaces feature (Not sure when it was introduced)

But after looking at Omakub I started using this feature.

Essentially, I divided the apps as follows. (Or at least that is what I wanted 😄) Each app (window) on its own workspace.

But somehow, some of the browser windows (I think new ones, after I moved existing windows to different workspace) moved to different ones.

Suddenly, it started feeling “jumpy”

(I think) I eventually figured out how to ensure that all the firefox windows remain in the same workspace 1

While looking at all these, I came across Amethyst (Still exploring, maybe upcoming post) and also WhichSpace (finally app mentioned in the title of this post 😆)

This is really tiny utility. It shows the desktop number (like 1, 2, 3, 4) that is all.

But it is useful (at least I think so)

  1. In the dock, right click on Firefox icon -> Options -> Assign to -> This Desktop. The default is None hence the seemingly erratic behaviour. ↩︎