Markdown vs Orgmode

My thoughts in the context of this thread.

I did try org for some time (initially when I switched to Emacs) as mentioned here

But eventually I realized that markdown is more pervasive.

I am aware that Org is supported outside of Emacs as well.

But compared to markdown, that is nothing.

But that is not necessarily the point.

e.g. When I do code review, most of the git service providers support markdown. I was surpised that even Azure git supports Markdown (So does gitlab, probably bitbucket as well, it as been a while since I used bitbucket.)

I am aware github renders org formatted files, but I am not sure if supports org syntax in code review comments.

As the original thread started, obsidian natively supports markdown (org mode supported via third party plugin)

Then there is hugo, blog engine that powers all my blogs. Yes, I’m aware hugo supports org-mode, but markdown is native.

Then there is aptly named Markdown Here - allows you to use markdown syntax in most of the browsers. I use this wit gmail For the most part, my emails do not need any markup, but once in a while, I may want to emphasis certain word/phrase. Markdown to the rescue.

Others tools I use that support Markdown : Telegram, Elk (Mastodon client)

Coming to Emacs ecosystem, I currently use denote for my notes. It supports markdown (I think org is default option - understandably, but it also natively supports markdown) This is very useful. Lot of times, I can just remove identifier from the frontmatter (rename the file if required) and publish it as-is on my blog.

Argument against markdown is that it is not a “standard”, but the way I use it I really just need syntax for italics, bold, headers and bullets. I think that is the lowest common denominator. Works the same everywhere.

I don’t use GFM (Github flavoured markdown) or any other extensions. So I’m safe (I think)