Microsoft's Confusing (or Incorrect?) Documentation

At work, I’ve been using REST API to connect to Azure Service Bus because officially Microsoft does not support Ruby SDK (It is retired since 2015)

The documentation related to accessing Azure Service Bus via REST API is very limited, and at time difficult to use.

e.g. This documentation about How to unlock a message in the (Azure Service Bus) queue mentions this URL pattern to be used for the REST API call :


I was not sure what is &#124 is. It turns out to be | (Vertical bar) sometimes used to indicate or

So it may mean use either messageId or sequenceNumber. But they could have just explicitly mentioned so.

The example is as follows :


So it is unclear that they are using only messageId (sequenceNumber is an Integer that looks like 1,2,3… etc.)

Also, timeout is not documented (except in the example)

Another variation that uses topics and subscription, (and example) mentioned |HTTP/1.1 , but I’m not sure what that is. Also, if they can use | here, why not earlier ?

I had a lot of heartache chasing this.

Finally, using only messageId worked.

But I’m still unsure then why is there sequenceNumber