Considering migrating PKM Site

My PKM is currently based on Dendron

Main appeal of Dendron was local-first. At the same time, it indeed was loosely tied to VSCode editor.

Over the years, they had a command line tool to create new notes. Still, its strength always was as a VSCode plugin

Then today, I came across Obsidian-Zola

It splits the task of taking notes and publishing it.

What I liked about it is Search functionality (To be fair, my current PKM build on Dendron also has it)

I had heard of Obsidian, but never committed to it because publishing is a paid option (Also not local-only option any more, I think) I may not even use Obsidian app to note taking (Or maybe I will. too soon to comment)



For now, I’m migrating my notes from Dendron. What this really means is:

I also ran into problem when running this locally on macOS obsidian-export binary shipped in linux specific. I replaced that with this