Installed `most` pager on macOS

Today while I was browsing thru The Tao of tmux - I came across a better pager called most

I think it is a play on default pagers called less and more

Unfortunately, the official website almost makes it impossible to find stuff about it.

Documentation is non existent.

I found elsewhere that most linux distro make it available via their package manager.

I did not find any mention of macOS though.

Installing from source requires something called S-lang interpreter. In any case, I avoid installing tools by compiling them locally.

I prefer and trust the package managers.

Just on a whim, I tried brew info most, turns out it is available. Installing via brew install most was a no-op.

I set it as universal pager in fish via set --universal PAGER most

For now, I have tested it only with man. The man pages look nice with syntax highlighting.