M-x butterfly

It started with a post on Emacs Stories Telegram group. Someone posted a pretty picture with Emacs-logo-on-a-butterfly and a comment M-x butterfly

But the actual command M-x butterfly is boring (to me at least)

I wanted the nice image.

Some nice soul on the group directed me to this page

First I changed the icon of my doom emacs to this image.

I followed these instructions.

No immediate success.

Because, I have Emacs installed from brew, so one in /Applications folder is a symlink to the actual file in /opt/..

So initially the instructions did not work, until I opened the real file.

and then it worked!

Now I wanted more.

I have had centaur logo on my Doom dashboard for some time now. I changed that to that of this butterfly via the following line in config.el of my Doom emacs

(setq fancy-splash-image (concat doom-user-dir "misc/Mx-butterfly.png"))

The original image is HUGE.

So first attempt did not work, until I resized the image to 230x230 (with resolution of 144)

Butterfly on the Dashboard, butterfly as the icon!

Here is an obligatory XKCD comic