NANO Minemacs

In my earlier post I had mentioned that I might try combining NANO emacs features with Minemacs - which is my current Emacs setup.

NANO emacs README has instructions for manual install which is what I ended up doing.

There is a separate repo just for the NANO theme, but somehow it did not work for me.

Instead, cloning the NANO emacs repo, and adding “just enough"™️ configuration to Minemacs worked for me.

Removing tool-bar, and setting the Dark theme directly took a bit of tinkering, but finally I got it working.

I noticed that because NANO emacs is cloned, and not installed using package manager, it takes a little longer for the NANO parts to kick in.

Minemacs complies all the packages hence they are quick to load.

I may need to look into how to do that.

AFAIK, straight allows to install from git repo, so that might work 🤷‍♂