Omakub : Lazyvim

As I wrote earlier, I skipped over neovim initially, but then got curious.

I installed Neovim and configured it to use Lazyvim.

I was blown away by how nice it is.

My last serious affair with neovim was two years ago. 1

Lot has changed since then.

Lazyvim wasn’t even born when I stopped using neovim 2

It is quite polished.3 The hotekys are mnemonic and intuitive (coming from doom emacs, at least)

I have not used it a lot.

Since I’m using Helix (and Emacs), I’m unlikely to use it seriously (But never say “never!” 😄)

But I’m not removing/discarding it yet.

  1. Then I realized I’m spending too much time configuring (and fighting packer and errors from various extensions/plugins) and stopped using neovim ↩︎

  2. I checked. First commit for Lazyvim was on Dec 30, 2022. Few months after I stopped using neovim ↩︎

  3. At the same time, it seems too much as well. (Initial impression.) ↩︎