Org for TODOs

Yesterday, I started using org-mode for tracking my TODO items.

I had tried it a long time ago. Org is very powerful, and it can list the TODO items across multiple files.

But that gets (at least in past) overwhelming.

So I started simple.

I started with setting org-agenda-file to ~/org/work.todo

That is the only file I’m tracking my work items.

Then I use org-agenda to list all the open items.

When done, I mark them as DONE using org-todo command.

I also added subtasks and added [/] at the end of the main task. Taking the cursor to / and pressing C-c C-c updates the list to something like [1/5] depending on how many are done.

The subtasks use checkboxes like - [ ] for not done, and - [x] for done subtasks.

For some reason, updated tasks aren’t updating the [/] correctly.

But for now, I’m ignoring that. This is now fixed