How I generated 2000 parallel requests using nu-shell

At work, I need to load test new framework I had deployed.

Usually, I work with QA team. They use JMeter (with Azure Load test) for such task.

But today, the QA person was busy with other tasks, and I didn’t want to get blocked.

Since I am learning rust, (nu-shell is built in rust) I remembered that it may be possible to run parallel requests in nu-shell.

and it is!

The important feature is par-each 1 which executes the command parallely.

http 2 is built-in command for HTTP operations

1..2000 | wrap i |par-each { 
  (http post 'https://my.url/path?param=4' 
    --headers [Authorization 'Basic xxxx'] '' --full).status  

  1. Read par-each documentation here ↩︎

  2. http documentation ↩︎