Using Projects With LunarVim

Today I spent some time getting projectile equivalent working with LunarVim

At first I went with builtin/core plugin projects.nvim. Enabling it was quite straight forward. I wasn’t sure how to add new project.

Then I tried telescope-projects. Even here I could not add new project (Per their documentation, it is Ctrl-a in Insert mode, and just c in normal mode) But I just opened the project root I wanted to work on, and it got added to the list of projects.

Now that project was enabled, everything worked in project context, like finding file, finding text.

This is what I wanted.

I came here looking for fzf-projectile equivalent from Emacs, but fzf is already integrated here. So default Find files means Find files in project using fzf

Next stop : Running all git commands from inside nvim (Just like I do in Emacs)