Using Telekasten with Nvchad

NvChad is yet another neovim starter kit.

Creator of NvChad is on the VimUser’s Telegram Group. So I was intrigued to try NvChad. (I had tried it a while ago, but decided to visit it later. That “later” is now)

One of the plugin I use is Telekasten. It reminds me of Dendron, another tool I used to use (requires VSCode, which I consider too heavy. But Dendron now works without VScode as well. Also, “daily notes” is just one of the features of Dendron. That is the feature I use with Telekasten)

Unfortunately, I could not use it “out of the box”. NvChad uses Telescope, but it lazy-loads it. Telekasten is dependent on it. So it was weird that telekasten would work after I use Telescope at least once. (Cause by using Telescope, nvim would load telescope.nvim)

After failing to get it working for couple of days, it finally worked. See the discussion in this guthub issue

mandar in ~/.config/nvim/lua/custom on  main 
➜ cat plugins/init.lua
return {
  ["renerocksai/telekasten.nvim"] = {},

  ["nvim-telescope/telescope.nvim"] = {
      module = "telescope",

  ["simrat39/symbols-outline.nvim"] = {}

There is another manual workaround. :PackerLoad telescope.nvim before using Telekasten for the first time. But above solution is better. Here is my failed attempt to automate my solution. But somehow it broke telescope itself (while Telekasten worked)