Trying Denote for Note Taking

I’ve been using org-roam for some time for my note taking. One of the practical problem is I’m used to Markdown so much, that switching to org syntax does not come naturally to me.

The other day, I had to look the syntax for begin_src - which is just 3 ticks in markdown.

So I checked to see if there are note taking packages in emacs that support taking notes in markdown, and thus I came across denote

To my surprise, the frontmatter used by markdown-yaml filetype in denote, is very close to the frontmatter used by hugo SSG. (Denote has an extra identifier which is not there in hugo.)

So here is what I did after above was written as a “note” in Denote I copied the file which has following components

So original filename looked like

I copied the file to the content/post/ folder and renamed it to retain just the title.

When previewed with local hugo server, it worked flawlessly 🎉

I removed the identifier attribute (even though it worked with it, doesn’t mean I should keep it)

I plan to add a tag blog in denote - which I’ll remove when I move the file.

I have not explored denote much (at all?) but the first impression is good.