Mystery of Un-upgradable KeepassXC

For some time now, my KeepassXC browser extension keep informing that I’m using older version of KeepassXC I usually upgrade immediately, so I did. Or so I thought.

I saw the same warning couple of days later. I thought there was new version, but there wasn’t. So installed it again.

This happened one more time, and I realized that even after upgrade, KeepassXC remained at older version (2.66, but as you’ll see it doesn’t matter)

In order to be sure, I first uninstalled existing KeepassXC rather than installing on top of existing version.

That didn’t help.

I searched. Didn’t help.

I looked through their issue list on github. No luck.

Then I thought maybe uninstall isn’t really removing the app. (But how can it be 🤔) But apparently that is what it was. (But not exactly)

So I wanted to find out where was the one that kept running. I had explicitly moved the one from /Applications to trash.

On the terminal I would have used which command. But how does one find out the same for GUI app ? That too on macOS, because .app is usually a folder. The real binary is inside /Content/.. path.

Anyway, turns out there is no technial problem that has not been asked (and resolved) on stackoverflow.

Here is the proof

Long story short, there was another version of under Utilities folder.

Once I moved that to trash, all was OK.