I have written earlier that I’ve started using VSCode occasionally for work. Finding files and find-in-files is much better and faster.

But I do miss modal editing.

That is where VSpaceCode comes in.

VSpaceCode is Spacemacs like keybindings for Visual Studio Code

I had come across VSpaceCode almost two years ago

I was using VSCodium at that time (hoping it is faster than VSCode - it isn’t - on my old machine) and could not install VSpaceCode.

Fast-forward 2 years later, I have fast M2 machine and I use VScode.

I installed VSpaceCode extension pack.

I’m still getting used to it. I had used Spacemacs long time ago, but mnemonic keybinding for Doom are closer to Spacemacs, and thus VSpaceCode

What I most liked about this extension pack is that there is magit 🎉 How awesome is that.

I used to make changes in VSCode and just for git I used to switch to Emacs. Now (in theory) I don’t have to switch 😄

(I wrote In theory because I might switch to Emacs from time to time anyway, but now at least not for using magit)