How Zellij saved me

OK, title is a bit of clickbait. It saved me some inconvinence 😉

Yesterday, Wezterm crashed.

At first, I was worried that all my “work” is lost (few blog posts were in-progress and open in helix)

But I had forgotten that I always start zellij these days.

So all my “work” was indeed there.

All I had to do was zellij ls followed by zellij a my_session1 (and my_session2 and so on)

No one expects the terminal to crash 1. But if and when it does, you are glad you were using Zellij (or tmux)

  1. This is not to say Wezterm is unstable. I have been using it for a couple of years, and this is the first time it crashed in recent memory. ↩︎