Zsh Autosuggestions

I used zsh for couple of years, and then switched to fish mainly for its built-in autocompletion.

fish is a modern shell (just like helix) and thus (I think) it does several things differently. For someone using various shells for over 2 decades, resisting muscle memory does not come easy. 1

I was used to export KEY=value, so in fish I always had to look up How to set an environment variable in fish 😆 - even after 2 years.

Third party programs do not always work with fish - usually I was able to find a way, but if not, I would just invoke either bash or zsh and get work done. (and switch back to fish when done) But I would miss the auto completion when I switched.

So when a colleague told me about zsh auto suggestions, I was thrilled. But I lost the link.

When searched, I came across zsh autocomplete which seems to be under active development. I tried it for few days, but I did not like it much. It seemed too intrusive.

Then I asked the person who had suggested it earlier, and got this

Turns out, I had come across it earlier in my search, but the repo isn’t updated since mid-2021 😞 - so I had ignored it.

Turns out, it works very well. Just like fish

Maybe it is stable enough that it does not need code changes 😄

Installing it via oh-my-zsh is trivial (and documented).

So I’ve switched back to zsh

  1. I did it multiple times with various degrees of success. zsh -> fish, vi(m) to emacs (Though I continued using evil/modal editing) -> helix, and python -> ruby (struggling) ↩︎