Emacs D2 Mode

It was only a matter of time before there was Emacs mode for D2 😆 and here it is. I’m yet to try it though.


Pixey is instance of Pixelfed server (Just like there are several servers running Mastodon software) Just as Mastodon is Decentralized version of twitter, Pixelfed is decentralized version of Instagram. Here is my pixey profile For some reason, when in full view mode, the image appears black. 🤷‍♂ (This is true only for sketched drawn and exported from ok!so app)

Earlier I thought that tldraw can not save as other image file formats. I was wrong.

There is indeed Export as option, and it works !

Earlier this evening, I attended live sermon delivered by BK Shivani didi

Feeling blessed!

Feeling lucky that I got opportunity to listen to her in person, I also saw her in person when she was walking away.

She is modern day saint.

No miracles, but the knowledge she spreads deserves recognition.

→ paint.diagram.com

I drew this using finger on the trackpad.

I’m impressed.

finger on trackpad

tldraw seems interesting.

Drawing program inside your browser.

While it does not have Save as functionality, it does have Print option which can be paired with Print to PDF

I can live it that.

Need to try out.

Using VSCode

I installed and used VSCode on office provided MBP yesterday. It is not like I have not used it in past. I tried vscode-vim plugin for modal editing. It allows you to embed neovim in VSCode (So all the configuration of neovim is available here.) But on my old machine, it was slow. (I also tried VSCodium, thinking it might be faster. It wasn’t) I used it exclusively for Dendron (my PKM) cause it is mainly VSCode plugin (While it has command line tools, the main strength is as VScode plugin)

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Drawing Tablet

I was always fascinated with devices with stylus, where I could draw electronically (Not sure if the word digitally was being used back then.) My first such device was Palm III.1 It came with Stylus. That was in the last century. Needless to say, I stopped using after year or 3. (I had it long time after that, and then I finally gave it for electronic waste/recyling program 😢) Then after my elder son was born (which has no significance - just that I remember it as such) I purchased Samsung Galaxy Note 8 2

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XP Deco mini 7

I purchased myself XP-pen Deco mini 71 🎉 Was debating between this and iPad for so long. This won, cause : Much cheaper Can be connected to Android phone, Windows PC or macOS Initial impressions : Feels like writing on a piece of paper (as opposed to, on a glass surface) The pen is BIG! (Not used to such big pen or stylus) Still getting used to various sketching software.

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Zsh Autosuggestions

I used zsh for couple of years, and then switched to fish mainly for its built-in autocompletion. fish is a modern shell (just like helix) and thus (I think) it does several things differently. For someone using various shells for over 2 decades, resisting muscle memory does not come easy. 1 I was used to export KEY=value, so in fish I always had to look up How to set an environment variable in fish 😆 - even after 2 years.

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