E/N Style Blog

TIL that this is an E/N style blog I didn’t know that it was 😄 E/N stands for Everything and Nothing The content of this site means everything to the publisher (me) But it may mean nothing to some of the users (at some of the times) Quoting from the origin site The website’s author covers a myriad of topics. It’s not narrowly focused. The author writes about everything or at least everything that’s important to the author.

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Trying Denote for Note Taking

I’ve been using org-roam for some time for my note taking. One of the practical problem is I’m used to Markdown so much, that switching to org syntax does not come naturally to me. The other day, I had to look the syntax for begin_src - which is just 3 ticks in markdown. So I checked to see if there are note taking packages in emacs that support taking notes in markdown, and thus I came across denote

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Crystal Language: C Like Performance, Ruby Like Syntax

I’ve been intrigued by Crystal Programming language for some time. I’ve been programming in Ruby for almost an year now (Mostly Rails, which I can’t say I like - too much magic) TBH, speed of interpreted language has not been an issue (I worked in python for quite some time before Ruby) but Crystal also comes with statically inferred types. Since it is a compiled language - bunch of errors maybe caught at compile time, rather than at run-time.

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Bullshit Jobs

Bullshit Jobs are meaningless jobs. Jobs which if taken away, won’t matter to anyone (Maybe except to the person who is/was in that position) While responding to a listener question, DHH mentioned 1 that it is actually a book, based on a study of such jobs. He mentioned that BigTech TM hires talent so that their competition can not hire the same person, even if the hiring company does not really need the highly talented individual.

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Today I set my PKM project on the laptop, a little over a month after I upgraded the OS

I just had to clone the repo.

Since this was a new repo cloned, I had to set the user.email and user.name git configurations.

It is good that git reminds me of that, and also informs me to amend the commit with --reset-author param. How nice!

For the curious, I added this entry

Be Better Than You Were Yesterday

Few of the quotes from this1 interview, Danny Meyers On why someone is motivated (From sports) Likes to beat others 2 - Muhammad Ali Hates to lose - John McEnroe Beat own record - Usain Bolt Everyday is an opportunity to be better than you were yesterday Perfection is stupid, receipe for unhappiness [paraphrased] be a 51 percenter. Of total 100 “marks” - 49% are for the technical skills required for the job and other 51% are for “How did you make everyone else feel while doing it?

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Magit fixed

As I wrote earlier, I was unable to use magit because of the third party issue. Doom fixed it within hours (bigger community) But minmacs also fixed 1 it (only one person) I had to follow a slightly complex set of instructions, but I’m glad it all worked out in the end. I will continue to use Minemacs on my personal machine. Working in markdown is pleasure in minemacs. I want to get robe working with minemacs, and codium and chatgpt

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Back to Doom : For work

I updated Minemacs few days ago, and it broke magit 😱 1 I had suspected that it is not problem with Minemacs But I can’t have magit broken, so on my work machine I switched (back) to Doom FWIW, the issue is already fixed on Doom 2 This time I noticed doom now installs itself under ~/.config/emacs rather than ~/.emacs.d I also updated my init.el and config.el Now that I’m back, all my muscle memory started kicking in.

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CPR for Work

I came across this in the 1thing podcast 1 C-P-R stands for Communication, Planning and Resources Nick mentions that how we sort the laundry into separate drawers so that when we need, we can easiy find socks in their drawer, rather than looking for then in a pile of clothes. Similarly, at work if team members know where to look for something, it would save them time in the long run (even though it feels like it takes time to do that initially)

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Switched to Arc

I wrote about Arc browser earlier here. At that time, I was still on macOS catalina, version of macOS not supported by many, including brew and Arch browser. Now that I have successfully upgraded - I was able to get Arc working on my personal machine as well. I did not wish to make this default on my work machine - wasn’t sure if it was supported (based on Chromium, so it should work, still if something does not work, getting support from IT won’t be easy.

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