AMQP Versions

As I had mentioned earlier, at work I was “strongly encouraged” to use Azure Service Bus, instead of RabbitMQ (which was the technology I had suggested.) RabbitMQ has good Ruby support. I had chosen Sneakers (Which uses bunny under the hood) Since Azure Service Bus also supports AMQP, I was trying to see if we can use these libraries with Azure Service Bus. But connection itself wouldn’t work. I kept getting FrameTypeError

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ह्याच्या आधी मी एक micropost देवनागरीत लिहिली होती, नेहेमीप्रमाणे मी ती हेलिक्स मधे लिहीली पण त्यात थोड्या चुका झाल्या होत्या. हेलिक्स टर्मीनल एडिटर असल्यामुळे असेल कदाचित 🤔 नंतर मी ती मार्कडाउन फाइल bbedit मधे उघडून दुरुस्त केली. macOS मधे देवनागरी लिहिण्यासाठी मराठी keyboard च्या ऐवजी Devnagari - QWERTY वापरा. मराठी keyboard शिकण्यापेक्षा transliteration सोपे आहे.

Used Python After Long Time

Today I wrote (OK, copy/pasted sample code and modified) python after more than a year. (Is it a year or an year - confusing. I think either works) I had to start from installing python. Why did I use python ? At work, we are trying to connect to Azure Service Bus over AMQP. Ruby is not officially supported by MS anymore. Python is. But we wanted to try non-azure client.

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How to track subtasks in Org

Continuing from previous post .. Turns out there is a specific way to handle subtasks in org-mode. I used something like following - which did not work * TODO Main task [0/3] - [x] Subtask 1 - [ ] Subtask 2 - [ ] Subtask 3 As we can see, I expected to see [1/3] but I continue getting [0/3] Correct way to do this is : * TODO Main task [1/3] ** DONE Subtask 1 ** TODO Subtask 2 ** TODO Subtask 3 With the correct syntax, I don’t even need to C-c C-c to update / in the main task.

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Org for TODOs

Yesterday, I started using org-mode for tracking my TODO items. I had tried it a long time ago. Org is very powerful, and it can list the TODO items across multiple files. But that gets (at least in past) overwhelming. So I started simple. I started with setting org-agenda-file to ~/org/work.todo That is the only file I’m tracking my work items. Then I use org-agenda to list all the open items.

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मला व.पु. काळे ह्यांच्या कथा आवडतात कारण त्यात कथा आणि उपदेश हयाचा चांगला balance असतो. नुसता उपदेश थोडा बरा वाटतो, पण नंतर bore होतं हयाच मुळे मला रिचर्ड बाखचं लेखन सुदधा आवडतं

I like Va. Pu. Kale’s stories because it has great balance of the story and philosophy. Just philosophy is OK for a while, but too much of it can get boring. I like Richard Bach’s writing for the same reason

My mastodon account is now verified with green tick 😄

I already had a link to my Mastodon account in the footer of this blog for quite some. But did not have rel=me which I added today.

I also did not have a link to this blog from mastodon account - which I added just now.

As a result, now I have green check mark 😄

E/N Style Blog

TIL that this is an E/N style blog I didn’t know that it was 😄 E/N stands for Everything and Nothing The content of this site means everything to the publisher (me) But it may mean nothing to some of the users (at some of the times) Quoting from the origin site The website’s author covers a myriad of topics. It’s not narrowly focused. The author writes about everything or at least everything that’s important to the author.

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Trying Denote for Note Taking

I’ve been using org-roam for some time for my note taking. One of the practical problem is I’m used to Markdown so much, that switching to org syntax does not come naturally to me. The other day, I had to look the syntax for begin_src - which is just 3 ticks in markdown. So I checked to see if there are note taking packages in emacs that support taking notes in markdown, and thus I came across denote

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Crystal Language: C Like Performance, Ruby Like Syntax

I’ve been intrigued by Crystal Programming language for some time. I’ve been programming in Ruby for almost an year now (Mostly Rails, which I can’t say I like - too much magic) TBH, speed of interpreted language has not been an issue (I worked in python for quite some time before Ruby) but Crystal also comes with statically inferred types. Since it is a compiled language - bunch of errors maybe caught at compile time, rather than at run-time.

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