Came across appflowy on twitter. It is an open source alternative to Notion.

I have never used Notion, but everyone and their grandma rave about it.

Why have I not used Notion so far ? Because I did not want to sign up for yet-another SaaS that I know I won’t use.

I use Dendron (these days) for my PKM. I use it because it is “local first” - meaning I always have access to my data.

One of the reason I created this microblog is for the same reason. Otherwise, Polywork seems nice for such “What am I doing right now” notes.

What if Polywork goes away one day ? Once bitten twice shy.

Back to Appflowy. Their website does not have enough information whether their Desktop app is UI for remote Saas. But I would be happy if it is local-first (or local-only) Notion-clone 🤞

Update : Tried it by brew install appflowy. It is just their second release, and it shows. Basic editing works (I assumed. Did not try) There is a Share button, which I expected will allow sharing in different formats. It does. For now there are two options :

I have uninstalled it. I might come back again later when it has matured.

Edit : Appflowy should look at Logseq. Since I have never used Notion, I might call Logseq a Open source alternative to Notion, that is local-first