Deployed Microblog

Finally, deployed this site.

It took a while because, at first I was modifying the theme to my liking.

As most theme README state, I started with git submodule, but it gets confusing. That is when I came across hugo modules in this post.

But it did not work for me for multiple reasons.

First, I did not understand the difference between specifying theme from repo Vs local, and hugo mod init

The docs keep referring to my repo, which means the repo for this site, but I confused it with theme repo.

It some trial and errors. But finally it was really easy. These instructions were all I needed.

Deploying to netlify was no-op. I have about 5 sites on netlify. 😄

At first the CSS et al did not work. That is because the baseURL was 😆 Changing that, setting custom domain on netlify (and https certificate) was all it took to get the site up it all its glory.

I do want to tweak the theme more.

I also want to post more.